Walls for the future
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Sally Hodgson

Sally Hodgson started her dry stone walling business in 1989. She holds the Dry Stone Walling Association’s (DSWA) Master Craftsman Certificate and is also a qualified training instructor, examiner, judge and assessor.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, having begun teaching in 1991.
Sally grew up on the family farm, which is how she became an experienced waller. She began her career doing gapping work and complete rebuilds, believing this is how all wallers should start their career.

As well as running her walling business, she also runs the family hill farm. This is managed under High Level Stewardship, and so she is familiar with environmental schemes and the latest legislation in agriculture. Sally is also sponsored by Natural England to host Free Educational Visits, and is a keen supporter of wild life and conservation; restoring old walls and traditional hay meadows, and aims to protect and encourage habitat for ground nesting birds.

Sally’s projects are varied and include complex gardens, dry stone buildings, sculptural pieces, water features, underground buildings, and numerous briefs to reshape an outdoor space using stone.

Sally has travelled worldwide; including the Himalayas, the Arctic and Asia. And as her sister is a dry stone waller in Canada, they share many projects together, including a commission for the W.I. In 1994 Sally was awarded a Winston Churchill Travel Scholarship, she travelled to India and Norway to research the construction of dry stone buildings. She gives illustrated talks on her travels around the globe.