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Our Courses

Dry Stone Walling Taster Day

Come along and have a days experience of dry stone walling, this course includes practical work outdoors, so please dress appropriately with robust clothing and strong footwear ( preferably toecaps or strong hiking boots)  You may wish to bring your own gloves too

Tuesday July 6th 10am to 4pm at Derbyshire Eco Centre , to book a place contact ecocentre@derbyshire.gov.uk or call 01629 533038

Hedge laying weekend

Learn to lay a hedge in the traditional Derbyshire style, for the benefit of wildlife and the landscape

Saturday and Sunday 30 &31 October 2021    10am – 4pm in the Glossop area

The course will be practical, and all outdoors, so please dress appropriately with robust outdoor wear, and strong boots (hiking or toecaps preferably) You may wish to bring your own gloves and safety glasses if you have them? But all equipment and tools are provided

To book contact glossop.ace@derbyshire.gov.uk or 01457 852245

Dry Stone Walling with the Brightside Project

Thursday and Friday September 2&3  2021  10am-4pm    This is a two day taster session in dry stone walling

Thursday and Friday May 5&6 2022 10am-4pm  This is a two day taster in dry stone walling

The course is free for people who have mental health difficulties or emotional or psychological distress.

Many people who have attended this course have gone on to achieve their Level 1 Initial DSWA/LANTRA certificate and some have become working wallers, or have gone on to attend similar courses, such as RHS Horticulture, Hedge laying , Paths and Paving etc

To book contact ; alison.rooke@derbyshire.gov.uk or 01629 533385

Have a go at Dry Stone Walling !

Dry Stone Walling Taster, in the Glossop area. Aimed at anyone wanting to gain the very basic principles of dry stone walling

Saturday July 3 2021  10am-1pm

and 2.30pm-5.30pm

Sunday July 4 2021 10am-1pm

Saturday April 9  2022  10am-1pm

Saturday June 11 2022 10am-1pm

contact ; glossop.ace@derbyshire.gov.uk or tel 01629 535895

All courses are practical and are held outside, regardless of weather, so dress appropriately, and wear stout boots (hiking boots/toecaps) and you may wish to bring your own gloves.



Mentoring is available in order to facilitate learners to achieve LANTRA/DSWA Level 1 Initial, or Level 2 Intermediate, or Level 3 Advanced, or DSWA Master Craftsman certification.

Level 3 Advanced certificate

DSWA/LANTRA Level 3 (Advanced ) course

We run periodically, a Level 3 course  please contact the Derbyshire Eco Centre for details ecocentre@derbyshire.gov.uk or 01629 533038

The next Level 3 course will start on Thursday  September 16 2021

This course is for very experienced working waller’s who hold a Level 2 (Intermediate) certificate and have considerable recent experience of walling in a variety of settings

The course has two sections – Part A and Part B

Part A – Building features specific to Level 3 criteria, curves, high walls, lunkies and on sloping ground

Part B – Building retaining walls

Guidance and instruction in gaining accreditation as a dry stone waller

  • Level 1 / Initial Certificate (DSWA/LANTRA)    starts August 16 2021
    gain the basic knowledge and skill to repair a dry stone wall to a satisfactory standard.
  • Level 2 / Intermediate Certificate (DSWA/LANTRA)    starts Spring 2022
    develop skills learnt on level 1 and learn to build a wall end.
  • Level 3 / Advanced Certificate (DSWA/LANTRA)  starts September 16 2021
    build on level 1 and 2 skills, and build features such as curves, high walls, walls on sloping ground, retaining walls and lunkys and water pens.

Contact Derbyshire Eco Centre by email at ecocentre@derbyshire.gov.uk or call 01629 533038 or visit www.derbyshire.gov.uk/ecocentre

Coaching for Level 4 / Master Craftsman Certificate (DSWA)

We can coach individuals through the taking of this qualification.

Team Building and Corporate Bonding

Enjoy the team effort of building a wall together; combining team work principles, problem solving and communication skills, whilst working in the great outdoors doing a sustainable and traditional craft.

Hard Landscaping

We can provide expertise and instruction of the following hard landscaping techniques ; stone pitching, kerbing, laying cobbles, stone flagging, and path laying, incorporating the use of traditional techniques and recycled materials.